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cheering on indiana and his brother-in-law but kentucky had it better than the hoosiers tonight winning one of hundred 2-90. no. 1 seed north carolina plane without star point guard kendall marshall. the tar heels committed 23 turnovers in overtime against ohio but they live to see another day after outscoring the bobcats 10-2 in the extra period. tiger woods shot a bogey free 65 to get to tender for the tournament and is tied with the lead. giants fans can breathe a sigh of relief, buster posey survived his first play at the plate but the rangers get the win 4-1. bruce bochy told him do not block the plate. it is not worth it. >> especially in cactus league and he was easily safe >> bruce told him that there things you can do where you can get a tag on him and still make the out >> we were all holding our breath. we're coming back at 11. ,,
indiana. the heart. terrell brown, cbs news, ridgeway, illinois. >> protecting your cell phone from wet threats. the new technology that claims to waterproof your lifeline. >>> and google is self-driving. on the road to becoming lee git. i'm kit with a live report coming up. >>> an opportunity that is out of this world. how you can get a job looking for aliens. >>> sneak peek into the future tonight. californians could some day own a driverless automobile. that might happen sooner rather than later. kit on how the cars work and the plan to establish some safety rules. >> state senator, alex padilla rolled up in one of google's cars today, underscoring point that for years the company has been driving within the gray area of the law. >> vehicles are not prohibited in state law currently, but they are not permitted either. i mean, we were drafting vehicle code 50 years, who would have thought? >> the fact is, google engineers have been working on the self-driving cars for the last decade, driving them all over the bay area. senator padilla introduced a bill that instructed them to come
the threat of tornadoes is expected to last through the night for parts of kentucky, tennessee, indiana, and ohio. >>> well, for the first time in ten years, the city of san jose will not have a budget short fall. kit doe on why the work of city leaders is far from over. >> after a decade of deficits, finally, a forecasted budget surplus of $10 million. but with an annual budget of around a billion dollars, don't pop the champagne just yet. >> well, it's so much better than negative. a little bit goes a long ways, but it's reasonable only a 1% cushion basically. >> the surplus came at a heavy cost. libraries close, police officers and firefighters were layed off for the first time ever, and 2,000 city employees lost their jobs over the years. essentially, the city had cut so deep for so long. >> but it came at a high price. we lost a lot of good people and everybody took a 10% pay cut. that was tough for our employees. >> the surplus is not enough to hire more cops or firefighters, but it is enough to stop the layoffs for a while. the mayor still plans on trying to put pension refor
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3